Programs available in English, affordable tuition fees, prime location, top education, endless possibilities… what else could we ask for?

I can’t recall how many times people have asked me in a very surprised way why I chose the Lucerne UASA to pursue a master’s degree. Realizing that a decision that seemed obvious to me is a big surprise to many, inspired me to write this article where I display my main personal reasons.


The Lucerne UASA does not only offer many interesting bachelor’s or master’s degrees (it is the largest educational institution in Central Switzerland), but it also offers some of them in English apart from German. Moreover, the university offers a broad range of sport activities, events, and endless possibilities tailored to every specialization.


Studying a master’s degree in Switzerland was equal to impossible for me because I thought I have to be rich to be able to do so. However, since the Lucerne UASA is one of seven publicly funded and administered universities of applied sciences in Switzerland, the tuition fees are relatively affordable (my master studies costs 800 Swiss francs – plus minus – per semester, just to give you an idea). For sure there are more expenses to bear in mind but knowing this helps to at least consider the possibility. Moreover, if you meet the application deadline as well as the requirements, I don’t think you’ll have a problem with being accepted at the Lucerne UASA.


The Lucerne UASA is situated throughout the canton of Lucerne, always close to railway stations. The city of Lucerne is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen, surrounded by the breathtaking Swiss Alps and with many offers of what to do and see. If Lucerne itself wasn’t enough, exploring Switzerland is easy (e.g. it takes around 3 ½ hours to go from east to west by car). In case this is still not enough, Switzerland is in the heart of Europe, making it very easy to travel to other countries (even for a weekend getaway only).

The Water Tower and the Chapel Bridge in Lucern by sunset.


Switzerland is highly recognized for its world class education. I am about to start my second semester and I can already tell that the level of knowledge and experience that I am acquiring is way higher than I expected. It is indeed very challenging, but I am sure that it will pay off.


If you love to meet new people from all over the world and learn about other cultures, the Lucerne UASA is the right place to be. Not only the university is quite diverse but also Lucerne. I am speaking English, German, and Spanish on a daily basis!

I truly hope this article inspires many expats like me to come study in the Lucerne UASA. Just visit the website (website in German and in English) or send an e-mail to for any further information you may require. Please also feel free to contact me for any advice, I would be very happy to do so!

Ana Cristina Pérez Carrillo
MSc student in Business Administration
major Business Development & Promotion